our approach

At mo.mo we realise that there is no way of producing clothing that wouldn’t affect our planet. As environmentally responsible manufacturers we make our best efforts to ensure all of mo.mo pieces are made sustainably. Our garments are created with ethically obtained materials only: most of mo.mo products are made of materials that haven’t been used by other manufacturers. We purchase the yarn directly from knitwear factories selling unused stock after each season. Other pieces are created with organic wool imported from Italy. All mo.mo garments are hand made in local knitwear factories or private households.
We only use pure, raw materials - no unnecessary additives.

Each collection has a limited stock to prevent unnecessary overproduction. In today’s world, where big concerns are wasting millions of dollars worth of materials and environmental damage on overproduction, we are hoping to become advocates of change and innovative ways of production.
Our aim is to create timeless, all year round pieces. We prefer slow fashion over mass production and want every single one of our products to be considered good investment and loved forever. We want you to be part of the change! Cherish and take care of your garments to keep them around as long as you can - a well made and preserved piece only gets more stylish with time!